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Hidden away between valleys and rivers, atop a mountain sits a piece of hidden beauty. After years of hard work and renovation, the farm is finally open for business and ready to give you a look into our unique stylings and landscapes.


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At The Farm Co is where country charm and modern design meet.  Beauty is all around us.  You just need to know where to look.......After years of remodeling and redecoration- we think found our calling. We discovered that sourcing eclectic pieces for our home in Australia was a difficult and very expensive thing to do, so took it upon ourselves to start the creative process ourselves.  At The Farm Co work closely with local artisans to provide you with the most on trend items, be it home design, gifts or just something especially personalized for you, we ensure we go above and beyond sourcing high quality and cost efficient products, making sure we only provide you with the best in a great price range.

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Grand Ridge VIC 3870, Australia

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